Wednesday, October 29, 2014



God has given my wife and I the word to
Fellowship with the church community
To show them by example that one day that
Every Jew and Gentile will worship in unity

God will lift the blinders from the Jews and
All will know that Yeshua is God’s son
The Messiah of both the Jew and the Gentile
King of Kings Lord of Lords Israel’s Holy One

When this time comes and the whole world sees
That God is Father Son and Holy Spirit
Keep your eye on Jerusalem’s eastern sky
The end time is coming we're drawing near it

Some people must clean up their lives
To reap the fruits of God’s reward
So when we enter our Father’s kingdom
Every one of uswill be of one accord

We pray for that time to come soon
But only God knows when it will be
Life abundant in God’s Domain
From that day on into eternity

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