Wednesday, October 29, 2014



When I pray and ask God's Forgiveness
The forgiveness of my sins each day
Even though I’ve been forgiven by
The price God asked His Son to pay

Just like a criminal He was nailed to a tree
Through the blood He shed God forgave all sin
Resurrected He returned to the Father in heaven
But there’s only one way that we can get in

All that you need to enter is to profess
Yeshua as the Messiah of all mankind
Do this and receive Eternal Salvation
Even if you’re poor crippled deaf or blind

God has given each of us a special gift
Each one is different than the other
By spreading His Glory to all his children
It makes each one of us a sister and brother

God will reveal this to you in His time
So that you know that He’s in control
This gift comes through the Holy Spirit
In your mind and body heart and soul

Use this gift that God gave you wisely
Extol Him in His Heavenly Kingdom above
Do this and a mansion will await you
Filled with God’s eternal peace and love

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