Friday, October 17, 2014



As many of you know I’m visually impaired
That can cause me to get quite frustrated
There are really only two ways to handle it
One usually can cause a very ugly situation

That’s the one where I try to handle it myself
It may work but usually it seems to get worse
I mutter things that don’t make any sense
Trying with all my uttering not to curse

That’s when step number two comes into play
What I do is turn the situation over to the Lord
If it’s meant to be it usually happens right away
Thank you Yeshua that we’re of one accord

So now that I told you just how I handle these things
How do you handle situations when they go wrong
My prayer is that you would do exactly what I did
Knowing that the Lord can take care of it all along

However if He chooses not to and things are still a mess
The two choices you have are to try again to let it go
Stay calm what ever path that you should choose
Whichever direction you take the Lord will know

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