Saturday, November 24, 2012



It sounds like a very simple question
Just what does Israel mean to you
As a believer in God it’s the heritage that
Belongs to both the Gentile and the Jew

The bible says that we’re all seeds of Abraham
Following his lineage it takes two steps more
God said that Isaac was His child of promise and
Jacob aka Israel God said He’d love forever more

The land that God gave to His chosen people is
One that no other people or nation can refute
Yet those that God put them in the midst of
Don’t understand or agree and always dispute

The Gentiles share a stake in Israel as well
Messiah and the Tree of Life grafts them in
Others who occupy the land claim it as theirs
Believing this lie God may even consider a sin

All that God’s people want is to live in peace
Something that satan always looks to destroy
What the devil is unable to comprehend is that
There’s nothing greater than the Will of Adonai

Those that may not agree with what I’ve written
Could possibly be a part of the coming end days
Messiah’s return and the devastation that follows
Will show that it’s too late to change their ways

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