Saturday, November 10, 2012



The two thousand twelve election is over
Keeping the Democratic party in power
And God has conveyed to me that we’re
Closer to the end time devastation hour

Many different ethnic backgrounds and faiths
Chose to listen and believe all of their rhetoric
Without investigating if it was true or false
We’ve just re-elected an egotistical lunatic

How can and how dare I berate our President
I’m old so what can those in power do to me
For now I still have right of freedom of speech
But even that may be taken one day you’ll see

Do these paragraphs mean that I’m prejudiced
I can response to that with both a yes and no too
I’m not biased toward any ethnicity or religion but
They need to be held accountable for what they do
I believe in truth justice and the American way however
My first allegiance is to the Lord God who has set me free
I’ve been granted a pass through pearly gates in heaven
With a place to store my treasures for the rest of eternity

Those who read this and are guilty of complacency
Will scoff and say that I must be out of my mind
There are millions of people who feel just like me
A majority with wide open eyes who aren’t blind

A prime example of the pied piper theory
Was quite evident in the previous century
Germany was led down this very same path
By a lunatic who involved the nation in heresy

If you are a true believer in the Lord God
Wake up and don’t let this happen again
I pray that your eyes will open before it’s too late
And close my thoughts with let it be so or AMEN

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