Sunday, November 4, 2012



When it comes time to go to sleep
I get there without counting sheep
Because I’m a child of the Great I Am
I commit my soul to His Precious Lamb

Yeshua gave His life that all may receive
Salvation for the forgiveness of our sins
To become a creation that is born again
A prelude to where eternal life begins

Sadly there are many who will not accept Him
Even though He’s the bearer of this good news
First and foremost of the ones who still doubt
Are many of His own people yes it’s the Jews

Why are they so adamant that He isn’t the Messiah
There are many unfounded reasons that they will give
I’ll tell you a few but I still keep them in my prayers
That God removes the blinders for their souls to live

This had already been pre planned by God the Father
Starting with most of the head rabbis of Yeshua’s time
If they had believed they would lose power and wealth
It was much easier to accuse Him of an unproven crime

Passed down through the ages it was even related that
The man who others called God had even ever existed
In the early nineteen-fifties they called Him a Prophet
Thus the blinders which they bore still hadn’t been lifted

Over the years many Jews have become agnostic
Keeping their identity but they don’t go to temple
Others would attend just on the High Holy Days
All the things that God considers a bad example

There is a much simpler way to remove the blindfolds
Prophets in the Tenach wrote of the coming Messiah
But so many don’t even open that part of their bible
Either out of complacency or a lack of knowledge desire

They won’t even attempt to look at the New Covenant
Saying that it is a book that’s related to another belief
Totally clueless that it was written by Jews to the Jew
If they had it would never be a source of so much grief

Basically that is all that it would take to know the truth
I implore you to take a closer look you‘ve nothing to lose
It doesn’t matter what your friends or family think or say
Once Salvation’s Light has brought you God’s Good News

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