Saturday, November 10, 2012



The Presidential election is now over
As you know the Democrats have won
The word that the Holy Spirit gave me
Was that more devastation has begun

I really hope that the word what I was given
Was a message that came through in error
The view I was given after the election was
 Of poverty destruction devastation and terror

Of course this is not a good thing
But what you need to understand
Is that our nation had just fulfilled
Things that God had already planned

I believe that one way that we got there
Was through ignorance and complacency
The majority of these people had refused to
Let God in for Him to set them Spiritually free

The following are perfect examples of this
That take place now as well as in the past
Reasons that the end times are getting closer
And the world as we know it now won’t last

On the day following the election I felt as though
At least for one day that I needed to wear black
Sympathizing with those of our once great nation
Who fear we’ll never see our glory days come

We’ve become a fifty/fifty nation
Half will and the other half give
Which one describes your attitude
God knows this is not the way to live

We’re now a nation of too many complacent people
Although God has given us the ability to think
Taking a person’s word without checking facts is
Just one of many reasons that put us on the brink

These are the very same people who would allow
Someone else like the government to pay their way
Ethics and self sufficiency has given way to apathy
One more reason why we are where we are today

One prime examples of devastation from the past is
Germany doing the same exact thing many years ago
The masses became a nation of pied piper followers
And the end result is something that we all know

My next example goes way back but is still evident today
It is all about those who rejected the Deity of God’s Son
All because they refused to look at the facts as written down
Clearly proof of man’s salvation the victory that Yeshua won

As one of the Lord’s Vessels through God’s Holy Spirit
After tending a message like this all that I can do is pray
Father Forgive us showing Your Mercy and Compassion and
Restore Spiritual Values to the once Godly Nation of the U.S.A.

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