Saturday, November 10, 2012


An important message from the poet

       I don’t claim to be a prophet but the words that I write do come from God’s Holy Spirit and I have no reason to doubt their validity. Some who read the words that I’m given may believe that I’m being biased. My response to that is a definite no and that God is in complete control of all situations, even knowing what will happen before it happens. If this election is a sign that is bringing us closer to the end days, I’m sure that God had it pre planned. I just know that even though God gives us free will choice, that doesn’t make Him happy with many of the choices that we make.
       I realize that they say that basically all politicians tend to stretch the truth, but it’s up to us as individuals to check these things out to see if they were true or false. That didn’t happen in this election and this is the basis of the words which I’ve been given to write. Unless I receive something else from the Lord, these next two poems will be my final two that pertain to the election. I’ll close this commentary by saying:
       If the shoe fits, you need to put it on and be accountable for what I perceive to be words that I received about our future as a nation, all because you may have had an ulterior motive without investigating whether or not the rhetoric and statements made by either party were accurate before casting your ballot. Or then again, perhaps you just enjoy getting free stuff that honest people have to work hard for.
       I also welcome any responses to this poetry.!

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