Sunday, November 4, 2012



With just two days before the election
God is watching to see what we’ll do
Although He already knows the result
He still has given free will choice to you

How will you use this gift from the Lord
Will you return the incumbent to power
Or will you vote that will bring a change
It may or may not decide the world’s final hour

I’m not looking to influence your choice in any way
However what I’m giving you is my personal belief
God conveys things to me through His Holy Spirit
To abuse His gift would cause me to receive much grief
Although the Lord blesses me with this awesome gift
He may tell me things that I might not want to know
So I will not sugar coat or change what God gives me
It’s something my viewers have the right to know

He gave me two alternative poems for post election
One that shows stagnation which will lead to decay
The other shows hope for much brighter tomorrows
One that won’t hinder our God given right to pray

Either choice will ultimately be in our best interest
Choosing to stay put draws us closer to the end days
A change to more Godly ways show there’s still time
Before the Lord returns to destroy satan’s evil ways  

So with two days of Grace until the election
Let your conscience make the choice for you
God’s infinite wisdom knows the right path
Will you stay put or bring in someone new

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