Friday, November 23, 2012


To my Readers:
The Lord has put a special request in my bonnet which He has asked me to pass along to you. Right now, He has allowed me to get His word through my poetry into a total of 50  countries which are listed below. God's Word needs to be heard throughout the world, so I'm asking for your help. If you know of anyone  in a country  that is not listed below, who enjoys poetry and would like to hear  the word that I receive from God through the power of His Holy Spirit, please tell them to log on to Thank you and Blessings in Yeshua.

1U.S.A., 2Russia, 3China, 4Germany, 5Canada, 6India,
7Japan, 8Phillipines, 9Netherlands, 10Portugal, 11Latvia,
12Ukraine, 13United Kingdom, 14S. Korea, 15Anguilla,
16Australia, 17Singapore, 18Brazil, 19Indonesia, 20Trinida
& Tobago, 21Poland, 22 Switzerland, 23Sweden, 24France,
25Afghanistan, 26Ecuador, 27Bahamas, 28Honduras,
29Moldova, 30Turkey, 31Slovenia, 32Ireland, 33Mexico,
34Pakistan, 35Kuwait, 36Thailand, 37Colombia, 38Iraq,
39Guam, 40Hong Kong, 41Taiwan, 42Venezuela, 43Egypt,
44Italy, 45Kenya, 46 Malaysia, 47Nigeria, 48Jamaica,
49Israel, 50South Africa

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