Wednesday, September 30, 2015



Where are you in your walk with God
Are you truly into praise prayer and devotions
When and if you enter the house of the L-rd
Or are you just go through the mot
God knew you before you were born
He knows exactly where you stand
Even though your life is at a crossroad
The Lord already has your future planned

If you expect to get to Heaven
There is one thing that you must do
Just profess Yeshua as your Messiah
The path that you choose is up to you

For God gave you the freedom to choose
Which direction will it be
Will your life be filled with worldly ways
Or His Truth that sets all captives free

If you choose the worldly ways
Your life may be filled with production
But when you draw your final breath
The path you chose leads to destruction

God's Way will bring you inner peace
Yet He will often test you with much strife
Don’t fret you'll get through each situation and
When He calls you home you'll have eternal life

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