Friday, September 25, 2015



I had entered the hospital thinking that
I‘d be receiving a heart cauterization
Only to find that I had come there
For a much more serious operation

I learned that I would need a quadruple bypass
And decided that I’d trust in the surgeon’s skill
As his hands will be guided by the Lord above
And whatever the outcome it is God’s Will

So many people were keeping me in prayer
And I knew that if God’s choice for me was life
I’ll continue to share the Good News of Messiah
With the help of my Godly and loving wife

But if the Lord chooses to give me that final call
To the mansion in my heavenly home above
It’s a place where I can watch over and protect
All of the people on earth that I so dearly love

As you can see by this last verse in the poem
God has chosen to give me some more time
To tell the world that the Lord is your Salvation
By putting it in a story form of words that rhyme

Now that you’ve read how I dealt with it
How does any type situation apply to you
Remember that God Loves all of His Children
To Worship Him is the best thing you can do

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