Friday, September 4, 2015



Here I am my Lord
Whatever You ask of me I will obey
I give more to You and less to myself
No matter what the time of day

Father I hear you calling me
Telling me the first thing I must do
 Is to proclaim that Your Son Yeshua is
Messiah to both the Gentile and the Jew

Telling that He bore all of mankind's sins
On a tree by His Blood sacrifice and only
By professing Yeshua as their Messiah can they
Come into Your Heaven Kingdom of Paradise

Hineni Lord God Hineni
Ask of me whatever You will and
Even though at times I may falter
I know that You will love me still

When I call Lord I need not shout
For I know that You are all around
I feel Your Presence every day and night
And Your Mercy Love and Grace abound

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