Friday, September 4, 2015



About eleven years ago I was diagnosed as having
A blood disorder that was robbing me of my sight
Seven years later I was declared legally blind
I prayed that this was the end of my visual plight

I had lost the sight in all but half of my left eye
And then the arteries in that eye began to bleed
After several appointments at the eye clinic
Quite obviously surgery was what I'd need

Miracle number one was at the hematologists
The Doctor drew several vials of blood to test
Seeing the results the doctor was astounded
It was quite obvious that God had done the rest

The disorder that had caused my sight loss
Was no longer running through my body
The doctor called it medically impossible
But I knew God doesn't do anything shoddy

The following week I had the eye surgery
I expected my sight to be like it was before
Even the doctor was amazed at the results
Because now I was able to see even more

Obviously the Lord saw that I had a lot
Of people who were praying for me
Miracle number two was even greater
My God had set the work of the devil

I will always be extremely grateful to God the Father
And serving Adonai whenever and wherever I can
By telling my story to anyone who will listen
Giving praise to my God Messiah son of man

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