Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GOD 1 – satan 0

GOD 1 – satan 0

I am just a speck in God’s Creation
Yet He knows every speck on earth
If He hadn’t removed my blindfold
Life as it was would have little worth

Each day He shows me new things
That Yeshua brought into my life
One example is a Godly woman
Who has since become my wife

He Blesses me with the words that I write
And has shown me many different ways
That I may serve and give glory to God
For the remainder of my earthly days

Messiah’s blood has cleansed me
He has stripped all my sins away
But satan tempts in all ways of the world
Sin crosses my path each and every day

When I see these things come upon me
I rebuke them in the Lord’s Name
I do my best to live as God asks by letting
The devil know that I won’t play his game

Then I ask forgiveness from Father God
For the sins I’ve not gotten under control
I thank Him daily for each breath I take
The Lord my God is the keeper of my soul

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