Saturday, April 13, 2013



A number of years ago I was told that the Lord
Had things that He wanted me to accomplish
I gave a lot of thought to what they had said
I was willing to try to do them but could I finish

I say this because I’d been declared legally blind
And sometimes used this as a crutch in the past
This was different because I’d be serving God
And desperately wanted this challenge to last

Becoming impatient I went to God in prayer
Why nothing happened I couldn’t understand
Then one day later I’d receive a wake up call
It only happens in God’s time and by His Hand

God doesn’t provide the things that we want
Just what it is that He knows that we need
God saw that I had an understanding of this
And my willingness to serve He didn’t impede

“I’d rather serve as a doorkeeper.” Are the words
That the great King David said in his will to serve
For whatever is done in the Lord’s Holy Name
Surely we know that God will always observe

The Lord would provide one way for me to serve Him
When I was put on the congregation’s ushering team
I thank the Lord for His abundant grace and mercy
He had answered my prayers and I began to beam

I though that this was the answer that I’d sought
But learned that God’s work in us is never finished
For He knew that I was capability of that and more
My will to serve the Lord had not been diminished

Then one of our Deacons asked me a very blunt question
“How much longer will you dwell on being legally blind?”
The Lord will provide you with the strength you need
Leaving all of those pesky negative thoughts behind

Shortly after that I was given the call to aliyah
And I typed up the blessings big enough to read
It was an honor that I was chosen for this blessing
I believe it was the Lord’s way of planting a seed

I know that the God isn’t finished with me
I truly believe that His work has just begun
I’ve put my total trust and faith in Him
And in Yeshua God’s only Begotten Son

The Lord is also with me through His Holy Spirit
A blessing from God that dwells deep within me
All of these things I have come to acknowledge
Because through His Truth God has set me free

The lesson that can learn from this experience
Is never to sell yourself short for any reason
For If you have the faith of a mustard seed
God is with you for much more than a season

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