Saturday, April 13, 2013



For years I was highly medicated
I had taking pill after pill after pill
I was baffled why there were so many
Not knowing what made me so very ill

I did not have a strong belief in G-d
Then a friend said that I should pray
And come to a Messianic healing service
It happens that there was one that day

While I was waiting for my turn
I felt a presence come over me
It felt like I had been consumed
By something that I couldn't see

When the rabbi laid his hands on me
I knew exactly what I had been feeling
The Holy Spirit of God had consumed me and
Told me that there was about to be a healing

This miracle that the Lord performed
For I’m now feeling so much less pain
Has given me an entirely new outlook
I know I'll never doubt the Lord again

The Son of God gave His life for me
He said that by His Stripes I'd heal
I thank the Lord for this awakening
Now I serve Him with zest and zeal

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