Sunday, April 28, 2013



This poem is for my children
And for my grandchildren too
It has a very personal connotation
But God said to share it with you

At so many things while growing up
I must say that each of them did excel
I really can’t dispute the fact that
They each had turned out very well

Something I’d have done differently
Because at the time I was in denial
Was to teach them about the Lord
I should have walked that extra mile

They are of the faith that they were born
And yet they still know so little about it
Because if the Lord walks in your path
I think that you’d really want to shout it

For I have seen that burning light
And I chose to jump into the fire
Seeking the love that was taught
By The Lord Yeshua my Messiah

I have so much more to learn as well
So I really can’t tell them what to do
Except seek the Lord and live in Him
And He will walk along side of you

They are all extremely smart in their own ways
And though they are good at the things they do
There is still one important thing that's missing
They each must get to know their Messiah too

They could just give the Lord lip service
Each saying that they will do their part
But to truly know Who and What He is
They’d need to love Him in their heart

Because I can’t dictate what they need to do
Only their true faith will show them the way
The one thing I can do  is to pray for them
Something that I’ll do each and every day

I need to lead each one of of them by your example
Is the Word that the Holy Spirit has given to me
One day in God’s Time they’ll know the truth
That like others who believe will set them free

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