Thursday, December 4, 2014



I thank the Lord for every breath I take
For only God knows when all life ends
It may come when you‘re young or older
What’s in His plan well that all depends

Perhaps God will give you a longer life
It would enables you to minister His word
Or maybe you have yet to accept the Lord
Years may pass by before God’s truth is heard

He may call a baby or a youth to glory
Causing families to feel the loss in pain
But God has a much higher purpose for them
In time they’ll see their loved one once again

No matter how much time you may have left on earth
Praise and glorify Him as you pray to our God and King
 Obey whatever it may be that the Lord God asks of you
This enables you to know that abiding in Him is everything

Then when by the grace of God the Lord calls you
And tells you that the time has come to end your years
When Yeshua brings you into His Father’s house
Your answered prayer will be filled with joyful tears

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