Wednesday, November 26, 2014



The first thing that I want to make clear is that this is a realistic, but unbiased editorial.

I am not a racist; ‘I have friends and associates of all colors and creeds & what I am about to write about can happen in any of these creeds. However for whatever reason it happens more often in the black community.

First, let me say that both my wife and my sister-in-law grew up very poor, but that didn’t stop them from bettering themselves. Yes, you may say, “But they are white.” It’s more about motivation than it is about the color of your skin. There are plenty of black people who grew up poor or middle class, yet they had the motivation to better themselves.

Since the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil Rights Legislation in recent years, the black community as a whole, (with the exception of those who have tried to better their situation) has languished in their own world. Letting white America ( in particular, our federal state and local governments) give them what they believed that they were due, not trying to get off their backsides and bettering things to make their lives healthier and more productive. As an example of this, does wearing your pants down to your butt cheeks make you a better person? Many black men have chosen to follow the gangstsa style fashion (which originated in prison.) Another bad feature is the baby mama drama. Although it is not restricted to the black community alone, there are far too many very young single women getting pregnant and relying on the system to take care of them.

As for the rioting that has gone on over these many years, violencece begets violence (that’s not to say that the cause itself wasn’t justified) it could have taken placer as a peaceful protest and probably would have made a better impact on the community as a whole. Regardless of the color of their skin the fear of God’s Wrath needs to be put into all people who disobey God’s Laws.

My final thought in this matter is as follows: We are all LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, regardless of the color of our skin, many of whom died to protect the freedom of this great nation. Although we live in the greatest country in the world, these days you would never know that. So lets all do our part, disregarding our ethnicity, to bring this nation back to the elite status that we once knew, working together, as brothers and sisters under God, united with liberty and justice for all people, regardless of the color of their skin or their ethnicity. I pray that my words are looked at as an encouragement for ALL people to try to better themselves and not as a demeaning editorial aimed strictly at one particular race of people.

Now that I’ve spewed my personal opinion, there’s something that needs to be said,” Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings in Yeshua’s. (Jesus) Holy Name,”
                                                                               Joel Steinhauer

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