Thursday, November 6, 2014



Are you going through financial burdens
Do they cause you severe depression
Perhaps G-d is testing your resolve
Because His Economy is never in recession

He had commanded us to tithe faithfully
Give him ten percent right off the top
If you think that your bills come first
You'd better put that notion to a stop

Why not take a moment to reflect on this
Do you want your storehouse to overflow
By tithing faithfully your debts will lighten
In Malachi 3:10 the bible tells you so

Step away from illogical reasoning that says to
Pay your debts first and if there is leftover to give
If you pray to G-d to help you solve this problem
His response will show that it's not the way to live

Why not go to the L-rd in prayer and say,
"Yes L-rd I am listening and I will obey"
And Later as you reflect upon your action
Most likely your hardship has gone away

Then go to G-d with a prayer of thanks
For cleansing you of worldly ways
Walk the narrow path of righteousness and
Be blessed for the remainder of your days

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