Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I’d say that I’m somewhat of a dreamer
Does this also happen to you as well
Most of my dreams do not come true
But one of them does as you can tell

I was born on Long Island to Jewish parents
My mom was Spiritual and dad worked a lot
I started writing poems at the age of thirteen
Of the many I’ve written one I never forgot

It’s a Spiritual poem that I wrote in the first year
Some fifty years later I knew what had to be done
The Lord gave me a ministry to write of Salvation
To tell of the Victory that Messiah Yeshua had won

So this is one of my awesome dreams that came true
I’m blessed by words given through the Holy Spirit
Somewhat just like what I’ve written right now
The Lord has given this to me for you to read it

I met my second wife over thirteen years ago
I have yet to buy her a card for any occasion
It’s not been easy they come at the last minute but
The Holy Spirit comes through for every celebration

You too can have a dream such as this
Just accept Yeshua as your Messiah’
Confess the sins in your life as well and
Your life will be filled with God’s Holy Fire

But you’re not done yet as one of God’s Vessels
Preach the Good News to those who will hear it
So that the words that you tell them resonates
And they too will be filled with God’s Holy Spirit

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