Thursday, March 20, 2014



I received a message from the MJAA today of
Palestinian Jihadists sending rockets into Israel
Thank You Father God that no lives were lost
They don’t understand the way that you’ll deal

Israel retaliated knocking out some key installations
Jihad’s response was that they keep sending rockets
If Israel’s retaliation did more than minor damage
After all the funding didn’t come out of their pockets

What exactly did these radicals think was going to happen
The Lord has vowed to protect Israel even unto the last days
Father God has declared this through His Word in the bible
All of the Islamic Jihadist’s attempts will fail in so many ways

The only victory hasatan will gain by continuing this
Is that sadly some of Israel’s people’s lives will be lost
Satan’s Jihadists are nothing more than puppets to him
So he doesn’t really care anything about the human cost

I must say though that only the Muslim terrorists are bad
I’ll tell you exactly how I know this statement to be true
One way that God is working is through my Poetry Ministry
More than 25% of the countries that I reach are Muslim too

Please continue praying for peace throughout the world
God doesn’t need them but appreciates it each time you pray
The more that you ask Father God for His Daily intervention
Will bring us that much closer to our very last worldly Day

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