Thursday, March 27, 2014



This is my country that's  called
The Land of the brave and the free
Yes this is my country
But not the way I'd like it to be

It wasn’t very many years ago
When patriotism was the norm
But as the years went passing by
It was like the calm before the storm

A person’s rights became more important
Than the principles this country stands for
And God who is the founder of our freedom
Is being told to exit through our back door

The people who have taken our freedoms away
Are really just a very minute minority
I say,” Let’s take these freedoms back.”
It’s something that God would like to see

There are a lot of important issues
Which have a need to be addressed
But we’ve become so complacent
It makes so many feel depressed

Let’s start with our houses of worship
That back away rather than to offend
Although their position isn’t biblical
God’s word will prevail in the very end
Whatever happened to the institution
Of the marriage of a man and wife and
Many are choosing to have babies first
This definitely isn’t the way to start a life

The churches and synagogues must lead the way
Showing those who stray God’s truth in the bible
Because at the very end it will the Lord’s decision
And His Judgement will hold you liable

In no way am I being judgmental
I just write the words God has gives to me
If you’ve strayed return to God’s flock
Making the changes that will set you free

I can write about these things however
The changes must come from all of us
So if you read this I only hope and pray
That you'll climb aboard the changing bus

As for me although this is my country
As a Jew Israel is my Spiritual Homeland
And even though I may never get there
It’s still the way that God had it planned

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