Thursday, March 13, 2014



Since the last time that you read my blog
Each one of us has gotten just a little older
Let’s keep in touch throughout my email
So that what we have doesn’t ever smolder

Give some thought as to the numerous reasons why
We may not see a friend or acquaintance each year
They may be too ill or have even passed away and
All that’s left are memories of those who were here

Whatever those particular circumstances happen to be
You might show your concern by mail email or phone
There’s nothing like the blessing of a good friendship
Although you haven’t see them they won’t feel alone

Even if someone that you know may have passed away
You still have fond memories after having kept in touch
Out of respect why not get in touch with a family member
Knowing your friendship they’ll appreciate it very much

All that I’m saying is that if you value their friendships
Only God knows how many more tomorrows we possess
By keeping in touch with all of the friends that we cherish
It’s one less thing that we have that may cause undo stress

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