Thursday, March 20, 2014



In this vast old world of ours
Of relatives friends and such
There are some so oft forgotten
Yet endeared so very much

I speak of some second mothers
Warm of heart firm yet ever so kind
A worldly hunt for women such as these
Would all lead to these saintly finds

These woman who throughout their lives
Would be unselfishly giving of their all
Now the time has come however to shout
Of their goodness with a triumphant call

To my aunts to my wonderful loveable aunts
I have nothing save this poem to offer thee
Not much I admit for all that they’ve done
Yet all I possess for it comes from within me

Thank You Lord for blessing me with my aunts
Since I wrote these verses they‘ve passed away
Though they never professed to knowing the Lord
Maybe through God’s grace I’ll see them one day

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