Thursday, February 6, 2014



This is an important question that I’m posing to you
When you go to worship what’s the proper attire
Or do you believe that it’s really not important
Because you’re there to seek the Lord’s Holy Fire

This is my individual opinion on that situation
Respect for the Lord requires a proper dress code
You do not always have to be dressed to the nines
But In His House It should be a respectable mode

Jeans are acceptable but not with ratty holes in them
In God’s House I feel you should be decently dressed
Ladies wearing dresses barely covering their booty
Or some tops that accentuate and show their breasts

Sure there are some exceptions to this scenario
Si0omethingThose who may be homeless or who are poor
Even those people can change the situation by
Just keep on praying what they’re asking for

Now it’s your turn to voice your opinion
Leave it on my blog or you can email me
The email is posted on the top of the page
With your o.k. I’ll post it for others to see

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