Thursday, February 6, 2014



The Lord has assigned a task to me to reach
The unsaved and bereaved through poetry
It’s a means that leads to the final victory
The task of setting them Spiritually Free

The words that I write are given to me
Directly from the Lord’s Holy Spirit
Then He directs their path to my blog for
Those in to need to read and understand it

I can honestly say that it’s the truth because
Yeshua suffered and died to cleans us our sins
But He has given me some burdens to carry
It’s the human part of where Salvation begins

I have degenerative disks in my entire back
And my vision is considered legally blind
We’ve all suffered in one form or another
But we need to cast those iniquities behind

We still need to ask God’s forgiveness for daily sins
Every day when we go the Lord in our prayers
I know that when the Lord hears our confessions
It makes the day easier because He Really Cares

The apostle Paul said to press toward the mark
To keep Yeshua as your number one priority
The Rewards that come later are beyond measure
To your Soul that’s in heaven throughout eternity

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