Saturday, February 15, 2014


I was only able to post one poem for this week yesterday on Valentine's Day because of a computer glitch with my carrier. Below is the 2nd poem for this week.


We worship the Lord God with blind faith
It’s something that we always need to do
What we have as proof of God’s Existence
Are both of His Testaments Old and New

But our thoughts are not His Thoughts
And our ways are not the Lord’s as well
There’s only one way to get into heaven
And more than one to get into the pit of hell

How do we believe God with such blind faith
Because His Word declares that He can’t Lie
For all the non believers that are out there
I‘m suggesting that you give the Lord a try

The New Testament says the God gave His Son’s Life
For the repentance and the cleansing of all of our sins
Professing Yeshua as Lord and confessing them to Him
Awesomely from that moment on your renewed life begins

You’re granted an eternal life in God’s Kingdom of heaven
With a place where you store all of your heavenly treasure
All these things just for having blind faith in the Lord
And a life after death that’s completely beyond measure

If anyone questions why I repeat so many subjects so often
It’s because no matter how often I repeat them over a again
It take all of that time to get through to many of these folks
Before God tells me it’s done and I can finally say “Amen.”

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