Friday, January 24, 2014



If you’re viewing my blog site for the first time
There are a few things I’d like you to know
They may apply to some who’ve been here
It’s just some things I’d like you to know

My first suggestion to you would be to read
The biography that you see on the right side
Of course this is strictly a suggestion to you
Whatever you choose is what you decide

The reason that I’m telling you this is because
It will contain information about who I am
There’s a way to get the book the Lord provided
After reading it you won’t really need a diagram

The poetry that you read isn’t completely mine
Yes I write every verse so that you can read it
The truth is that I’m just one of God’s Vessels
What I write is given to me by the Holy Spirit

If you do enjoy what you read on that first page
The archives are near the very end of the page
Right now they go back just over four years
It may have a poem that you’ll want to engage

At the very bottom there’s a U.S. Marine poem
I can adapt it to any family member or a friend
I laminate it to fit into an eight by ten frame
And the cost is minimal to you for me to send

As a poet I’d really enjoy having some feedback
After each poem is a place to make a comment
It’s may not be the easiest thing to get on to
So I’ve provided an email where it can be sent

And lastly there’s just one more thing to write
Every single verse is there for you to enjoy
Poems coming to me through the Holy Spirit
Thanks to the Blessings of Yeshua Adonai

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