Friday, January 17, 2014


The year’s first issue of the Messianic Times
Arrived in my mailbox sometime yesterday
There was an article on my poetic ministry
 I went right to page eight without delay       

The next thing I did was to thank the Lord
As only through Him it had come to fruition
Then I said a silent prayer that the article would
Put the Ministry God gave me in a stronger position

Strong enough to reach more people in the world
God allows it to be read in sixty seven countries
There are so many more to be reached out there
And Salvation would be their greatest of amenities

There are other people that I’d like to thank as well
The person who wrote it brought everything to light
The editor-in-charge who allowed it to be published
And again thanks to God that it came out just right

One more person that I need to thank so very much is my
Godly wife who sticks by me through the thick and thin
Now with the Lord’s help the words that He gives me
Will help to kick the devil out and let Father God in

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