Friday, September 20, 2013



Where are you in your walk with God
Is it with the Lord on a Spiritual path
Or into things that know you are wrong
Unaware of the power of God’s Wrath

Where are you in your walk with God
Again I’ll ask the very same question
If you can’t answer in a positive way
I’d like to offer a positive suggestion

If you haven’t professed Yeshua as Messiah
And asked for the forgiveness of your sins
It’s the very first thing you need to do on
The journey to where all Salvation begins

But that’s only the first part in your walk
There are more things that you need to do
I’ll give you as heads up on a few of them
The rest of your walk is strictly up to you

First you need to read the complete bible
From front to back all answers are there
Then if someone has any question or need
 It’s a perfect way of Gods Word to share

Keep walking on God’s straight and narrow path
In every way possible you need to walk the walk
God is with you every single minute of each day
He will always know if you’re just talking the talk

The final reward that you receive is just as awesome
You’ll be blessed to be with the Lord for eternal life
Believers have a resting place in God’s Heavenly Realm
Freed from every form of tension sickness and strife

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