Friday, September 20, 2013



Every so often the Lord pokes at me
Through the power of His Holy Spirit
God had a special message for me today
And wanted to make sure that I’d hear it

The message that He sent me was kiss
Translated it means keep it simple son
The words that I give you will resonate
Coming from the Great I Am the Holy One

I know that you know that you’re one
Of a multitude of vessels in My Flock
So what I’m about to reveal to you
Won’t come as too much of a shock

Tell your readers to keep a watchful eye
I’ll be returning sooner than they think
Although I won’t tell you exactly when
It will be faster than your eyes can blink

The world needs to hear this message
But as I told earlier keep it simple son
Warn them that it will get very ugly at first
But to keep their faith I am the Holy One

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