Friday, September 13, 2013



The Lord has blessed me in so many ways
Since I was completed in Him as a Jew
A Godly wife my poetry website long life
And an extended family just to name a few

I had thought there’s no way I can repay God
For the whole world and all its surroundings
Is there to Serve and Bless God’s Holy Name
That He chose to share it with us is amazing

The Son of God bore all the sins of mankind
He gave this to mankind just for believing
And yet many blaspheme His Holy Name
Not realizing their action is self deceiving

On the brighter side of this two headed coin are
Those who serve the Lord without hesitation
I know that these vessels who’ve chosen to serve
Are bringing God immense joy and jubilation

My pray is that each one of you are the latter
If not but it’s something that you want to do
All it takes is a small prayer from your mouth
For God’s Blessings to be poured out on you

Say the following and mean it in your heart
Lord I’m sorry that I’ve sinned against You
I accept you as my personal Lord and Messiah
Your Name will be a part of the good that I do

Now that you’ve received Salvation or been Completed
The works that you do in His Name have just begun
Be bold and tell others of your personal testimony
That Blesses the Father His Holy Spirit and the Son

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