Friday, September 13, 2013



I get many thoughts relayed to me through the Holy Spirit
Regarding subjects that the Lord wants me to write about
But because I don’t remember to write them all down
Sadly quite a few of them often wind up getting left out
I really don’t feel good when that happens
All that I’m able to do is to hope and pray
That maybe God will chose to repeat them
Back too me on the next or some other day

Or perhaps if I didn’t catch them right away
I know that He knows the exact reason why
So God hands that task over to another vessel
And gives me other thoughts to catch your eye

I won’t make excuses for the word that may get lost
God understands that I’ll still give this task my all
I’ll continue to be obedient in whatever way He asks
Until that very last day when I receive His Final Call                                  

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