Thursday, September 5, 2013

MY KING LIVES ©2013 Expressions of Life

 As promised, I believe both of this week's poems are appropriate now that the 1st of the Jewish High Holy Days, Rosh Ha Shana has ended at sundown. The 10 Days of Awe leads up to Yom Kippur. My visiting poet this week is both an accomplished poet and author. Trudi & I had the pleasure of meeting him and his lovely wife Arlene last week at the Decatur Book Festival. I know that you will enjoy reading his poem as much as we did.

MY KING LIVES   ©2013 Expressions of Life   
My King left His throne, born into the human race as a baby, crawling, gurgling, drooling; the Creator of sound unable to utter a word.

My King grew into an uncrowned royal toddler, learning to walk,
touching everything around Him, experiencing, with human hands,
all that He created.

My King, unrecognized, grew into a Jewish teenager, talking with the Temple Rabbis who marveled at His words, not grasping His royalty or the fact that their Messiah was enlightening for them the very words He wrote.

My King grew into manhood working in the carpenter shop with His earthly Abba making chairs, tables, cabinets. Then suddenly, His Highness put down the tools, kissed His mother good‑bye and walked to the Jordan where John recognized His Royalty and baptized Him,
and Father affirmed His call.

My King, knowing this earth was not His kingdom, served as a Rabbi at thirty, a teacher, a healer, a lover of the unlovable, calling those whom He
created to walk with God the Father in relationship rather than a rulebook.

My King was obedient to His earthly call as completely God and completely man, fulfilling the scripture He wrote, not uttering a word as they shed His Royal blood. On the cross, it was not revenge but “Father, forgive them." “King of the Jews” scornfully tacked on His cross.

My King died! Soldiers pulled His limp body from the cross. How frail He seemed!  Only three hours, so little time to kill the greatest Man to ever live. Overcome with tears, not understanding, those who loved my King
carried Him the tomb.

My King did not remain in the tomb. He conquered death. Three hours to die, three days dead, and then victory! The King of the Jews became the King for all humankind giving us the gift of eternity.

My King now lives high and lifted up at the Father's side and in the hearts of all of us who believe.
My King Lives!
Is your King alive?                                   

©2013 Expressions of Life   

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