Friday, September 27, 2013



Have you ever thought about your body parts
And why they do some of the things they do
There’s a very simple explanation out there
But in actuality it’s not even about you

You see you were made in God’s image
Every part is where it’s supposed to be
And other parts play an important role
Connecting places that you can’t even see

Every single one has a specific function
It may be to see feel hear smell or taste
God even provided a couple of parts to
Help you get rid of unnecessary waste

At times you have problems with the parts
It might have even been caused by you
A couple of prominent examples of this are
What you eat and lack of exercising you do

There’s one thing that we don’t have power over
It’s when things go wrong that we can’t control
The natural aging process is one of many causes
It’s God’s eventual right and claim to your Soul

So thank Him for all of the good parts
Don’t fret over those that you can’t see
Either way it’s all in God’s Hands and
One day you’ll be totally sickness free

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