Saturday, December 8, 2012



It’s likely that God is angry because
Many people haven’t changed their ways
Both those of faith and non believers
May be witnessing the end of days

Consider the damage devastation and deaths
From recent hurricanes tornados and such
God is showing just how angry He is by saying
That He doesn’t like what we’re doing very much

Understand that we don’t control our destiny
God controls everything both here and beyond
Right now I suggest that you get on His good side
Repent and there’s a good chance that you’ll bond

For God declared that the end will come but
Only He knows the exact time and the path
On that day satan will be destroyed forever
Those who mocked God will feel His wrath

Just know that there are better days are at hand
The Lord will console those with doubts and fears
Yeshua will reign on His throne in New Jerusalem
And His kingdom will last for one thousand year

Most likely some may not be around to see it happen
Don’t question what happens when that time is done
For we know that ours is not the same as God’s time
Just focus on Father God the Holy Spirit and the Son

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