Sunday, December 30, 2012



What resolutions will you make in
The New Year that’s coming soon
How many will you actually keep and
Which ones will you be breaking soon

Here are a few of the ones you’ll make
Many of them I’m sure you’ll break
Why even make them in the first place
So many of them were a big mistake

Each year you say you’re going on a diet
Obviously because you need to lose weight
If you really want to keep this resolution
Try putting smaller portions on your plate

Exercising will probably be the next one
Moaning and groaning and saying, “Ouch!”
If you really want it to happen the right way
Put down the remote and get off the couch

Of course you need to do things for your spouse
Clean up your messes and take the garbage out
Don’t forget the birthdays and anniversaries
That’s really what relationships are all about

These are the ones that you may or may not keep
The real important resolutions I’ve yet to list
They are ones that should never be broken
Yet breaking them may be hard for some to resist

First of course is to love the Lord your God
Love your neighbor as yourself is number two
What you give will come back as a blessing
From those who will do the same for you

Many people may not even know the Messiah
Without this blessing they’re not heaven bound
Profess Yeshua as Lord asking forgiveness of sin
Or the direction you’ll go is hell under ground

Once you do resolve to profess Him as Messiah
The blessings will be much more than you know
Life on the earth will never be the same as it was
As the Holy Spirit helps you to continue to grow

You may never need to make another resolution
God knows you love Him and have passed His test
Always give your hopes and prayers to the Lord
I promise you that He will take care of the rest

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