Saturday, December 15, 2012



Thank you Lord for the nourishment
That you sustain me with each day
Not just for the food that I consume
But for Your word which is here to stay

Also for the words that You provide
Through the Holy Spirit that I write
One more way for all those who need to see
The Glory and Majesty of Your Shining Light

Lord as long as You see fit to grant me
The ability to write of who You are
I will be Your obedient and faithful servant
To all of Your lost sheep both near and far

Whether the words are for joy or comfort
I will minister Your word that’s true
I pray that all who read these words
Will share the blessing of knowing You

In the Holy Bible which is Your Word it says
That to be with You in heaven we must profess
Your Son who gave His life to absolve our sins
It is the only key to eternal life and happiness

In Your Kingdom there are many mansions
For believers whose life on earth has ended
No longer will they feel sickness pain or sorrow
They are forgiven souls that You have mended

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