Saturday, December 15, 2012



I know I’m not the only one out there
Who suffers from severe arthritic pain
Mine is an advanced warning which says that
Within twenty four hours we’ll be getting rain

All this is a result t of barometric pressure which
Always drops severely before the rain comes in
This is the penance that God has chosen for me
Far less than Yeshua paid for the forgiveness of sin

Who else could have endured the price that He paid
He was as pure as the unblemished sacrifice lamb
His reward was to be brought back to life from the dead
And drawn up to heaven to sit beside the Great I Am

This is God’s way of telling all of us
That Yeshua is the promised Messiah
And through Him alone will all know
Father God which is what we desire

God never promised us a bed of roses
Is something that I would always say
So if this is the suffering that I must endure
It’s a very small price that I will gladly pay

Lord thank You for who You are and for
All that You do and all You have done
For letting me see the truth of Salvation
Through the victory that You have won

Knowing that one day I’ll suffer no more pain
I look forward to the day I’ll seek Your Face
I‘m so blessed that You sacrificed Your life allowing me to
Spend eternity with You and the Father in a far better place

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