Sunday, May 27, 2012



When I became of age as a young man
I felt a duty to join the military service
I’m sure that the very thought of this
Made my mother extremely nervous

I signed up and went for a physical
To my total surprised I was denied
They said to come back in six months
The rejection left me with a hole inside

I was determined to change what went wrong
I wanted to make my family and country proud
The next time I was told that I passed the physical
It made me want to shout thank you Lord out loud

I served my country proudly for nearly four years
I never saw action but I worked behind the scenes
Supporting those who put their lives on the line
Those who survived know how much that means

The type of work that I did in the service
Would become my trade in civilian life
I had served my country proudly
Now it was time to start a new life

As time went by my country would go to war
I wanted to serve again but now had a family
So what I decided was the next best thing
Was to support all those in the military

Over fifty years later I still feel the same way
Every day these men put their lives on the line
To protect the liberties that we enjoy back home
And that would include both your butt and mine

Memorial Day is a day to commemorate those brave souls
That died to protect all of us while serving their country
Leaving behind families and love ones who still grieve
Remember them on this day knowing freedom isn’t free

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