Sunday, May 13, 2012



The Lord was leading me down life’s path
That’s when you came my way
I know that it’s He who put you there
And I hoped that it would be to stay

Each day I pray and praise God’s Name
For He alone is my Salvation
And since you came into my life
It has been blessed with jubilation

He’s told me that you are the one
With God that makes our lives complete
Your love just like the love He gives
Is tender warm and sweet

As we journey down the path of life
Walking hand in hand together
The Lord is right beside us
Through all kinds of weather

The days and months and years pass by
As together the two of us grow old
Then we’ll come and join the Lord
Walking through the pearly gates of gold

And as we’re praising His Holy Name
One which never can be denied
Two empty seats are next to Him
And God says, “Come sit here by My side.”

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