Saturday, May 19, 2012


A NOTE FROM THE POET: As you can see, today's poems are being posted a day earlier than usual. Before I post the 1st poem, “Grandson”, I’m asking for a little indulgence from my readers. You see, today is my 75 birthday, and last night; I received a double blessing as a pre-birthday present.

My oldest grandson, Jason Richman graduated from Milton High School, in Milton, Ga. And will be headed to Ga. Southern University on a full baseball scholarship. The 2nd part of this blessing was the fact that his diploma was presented to him by his aunt Shelby, my younger daughter, who is a French teacher at Milton H. S. Also for those who didn’t see this in a previous posting, she was selected as Fulton County Teacher of the Year this year and is 1 of 10 (out of 150) finalists who are competing for the title of Georgia Teacher of the Year that will be announced on June 1st.

Well, now that my ego is a little less inflated, here are this week’s two poems starting with:


I love each one of my grandchildren the same but
There’s something very special about the first one
In my case perhaps because we had all daughters
It’s as close as I’ll get to having a son

And as I watched you grow into a young man
It gives me an overwhelming sense of pride
Seeing the great young man that you’ve become
I get a warm wonderful feeling deep inside

Now you’re entering a new phase in your lif
My wish is for much happiness and success
Focus on the right things in your lifetime
And always strive to do your very best

Jason, congratulations on your graduation
And the future that lies ahead of you

We love you,
Poppa Joel & Grandma Trudi

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