Sunday, June 3, 2012



Thank you Lord for you compassion
Although you knew I’d committed sin
I didn’t let go and let God in a situation
Which should have only been win/win

On that day when I fell extremely ill
You chose to warn this wretched soul
Instead of bringing me to judgment
You chose to heal and make me whole

For you saw that I’d found Salvation
Through the blood shed by Your Son
Messiah Yeshua the King of Kings
The hope of Israel and Holy One

I will abide by your decisions although
I know that my flesh might not agree
For Your Holy Spirit lives within me
And it has set this captive free

I will exalt You my Lord forever
With fervent prayer and praise
And use this gift You’ve given me
To help lead home Your strays

God of mercy and compassion
Your strength is my source
Guide me father in all Your ways
Keep me steadfast on the course

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