Sunday, June 3, 2012



Who among my many worldwide readers
Does not know Yeshua the Messiah
Because if you want to enter heaven’s gates
To know Him must be your heart’s desire

In the New Covenant that God made with man
He tells us that through Yeshua is the only way
Those that don’t know Him but would like to
Please tell me by leaving a comment on my site today

In the Old Covenant God said that to atone for you sins that only
The blood sacrifice of a kosher animal was how it was to be done
Since the temple was destroyed leaving no other place to do this
For you His inheritance God would sacrifice His only begotten Son

Yes you can always receive Salvation by
Accepting Him and confessing your sins
From that time on you are a new creation
It’s the time when your reborn life begins

But there’s so much more to learn about
His teachings and how to live your life
If you haven’t received Salvation or want to
I’d like to help you free yourself from strife

I am just one of the Lords many vessels
And would be blessed to show you how
But time is getting short before His return
I urge you to seek what I can offer now

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