Thursday, January 15, 2015



Who among my readers doesn’t know
That Yesua is the Savior of mankind
I’ll come right out and tell you that
God has let you stay Spiritually blind

This is especially true of many Jewish people
All unbelievers which include the agnostic
They don’t have the common sense to read
Through the book of Prophets and be realistic

God has chosen to put blinders on their eyes
If they are to be reached it will be by a Gentile
Until they have the understanding to see the truth
These Jewish people will always be in total denial

The ones whose eyes have been opened will see
God’s Truth in the new Covenant as was foretold
As they take that next step by accepting Messiah
Then take a leap of faith and will be very bold

Thinking about why did I not see this before now
They must remember that all is done on God’s Time
The Lord God is the Alpha and Omega King of kings
Who Was and Who Is and Who Always Will B e sublime

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