Thursday, January 22, 2015



If these words that I receive from God have led
Anyone to accept Yeshua and receive Salvation
That’s when God myself and all Believers rejoice
And in heaven the Angels are having a celebration

It would be nice if you would comment on my blog
To tell me of this joyous event that has taken place
But then again perhaps I’m not supposed to know
Until the day comes that I meet Yeshua face to face

In my heart I’d know that I’d have accomplished
The mission of ministry that God has given me
And still I know this work will not be done
Until all the people on the earth have been set free

So until the day when I’m no longer able to write
Which I pray will be when I get that final call
I will obey and spread the words God gives me to
Those who seek and those who know God one and all

And if I've stirred the Holy Spirit within your Soul
Now it’s your turn to spread God’s word too
Then you’ll understand why God’s Blessings are
and always will be poured out abundantly on you

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