Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Yeshua is the Messiah and the Son of God
The telling proof is in the Old Testament
Written in the Tenach or Book of Prophets
Read them and you’ll make a commitment

There’s another telling that Isn’t on this list that
Proves that Yeshua is one third of God’s Tri-Unity
The Hebrew word Echad or One is a plurality
Feel free to look it up in the Hebrew dictionary

If you still feel the need to see this for yourself
Email me and I’ll be glad to send you the list
Then when you read it you’ll see for yourself
There’s absolutely nothing that I’ve missed

If you’ve taken it upon yourself to check them out
Perhaps you’re ready to accept Yeshua as the Lord
Then just life the multitudes of those who believe
Your faith will bring you to that ultimate accord

Say these words and Father god will hear you, “Lord,
I ask forgiveness for the sins I committed against you
And I accept Yeshua as my personal Lord and Savior”
Now you’ve become one of God’s creation born anew

There’s so much more that you’ll need to learn and do
For now God knows that you’re off to a very good start
Keep focused on the Lord’s Straight and Narrow Path
His Promise is what the two of you will never be apart

Just one more thing before I put an ending to this poem
My email is on this blog to tell me what you’ve just done
So I’ll know I’ve succeeded as one of God’s Many Vessels

All Praise Be to the Father Son and Spirit the Holy One

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