Wednesday, April 16, 2014



I know that there will be scores of people
Who don’t like what I’ve written today
So I’ll let them post or email their opinions
I place a great value on what they have to say

Last century Hitler was the pied piper of Germany
Our President leads the way hands down in this one
His actions or inactions are just another end time sign
Leading to the coming of Messiah who is God’s Son

I have a great deal of respect for the office he holds
But the way he’s abused the Presidency is a sham
The thing that hold my hopes  and dreams together
Is that it’s all part of the plan of the Great I Am

I’ve seen a lot of emails coming from Christians
They’re asking  to help take our country back
I’m a Messianic Jew who believes in the Lord
And feels that our country is under Spiritual attack

Just life many other sects of Jewish People in America
Some Christians were blinders when it comes to Messiah
Many of the so called believers share the same blindness
For the Lord to quicken their hearts is my desire

Since I’m not the one that’s in control of the situation
I’m putting all of my faith and total trust in the Lord
It’s He and He Alone who controls all things in our lives
I pray that one day all will believe will be of one accord

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